«One way to approach the world through solidarity, commitment, training and commitment to promoting a more just society»  

Since 2006 marks the September 8 Day / the Cooperating, coinciding with the anniversary of the signing of the Millennium Declaration United Nations.

Power Haurralde young Basques / as have the opportunity to learn about other cultures, to contribute some of their knowledge to society impoverished and receiving in return a large store of learning both personally and in values.


This is the experience of young people in Mozambique, although not that of a / a cooperating professional, they are still experiences that are worth sharing.


In short, my experience as a volunteer has been AWESOME!


Before I left I knew, and everybody knows that Africa is poor, the inhabitants of this land is mired in extreme poverty. But one thing is quite another to know and see and live it.


Mozambique is considered one of the world’s poorest states. However, it is a people very happy, because in spite of their plight its people are always willing to give and help.


I went to Mozambique with the intention to help but I have to tell the truth, I must admit that they have helped me more to me than I them.

On the one hand, I have taught a new way of thinking and living and on the other hand, despite being foreign, and particularly all children, I have great affection and love. It’s amazing that people who have nothing to give so much!


My experience has been very nice and rich. The only thing I regret is not having stayed longer and I’m sure that someday I will.