Because we work in Haurralde rights in sexual and reproductive health.

parto_tradicional_guatemala The International Conference on Population and Development held in Cairo in 1994, states that there are two types of health directly related to the welfare of women and development, through the multiplier effect of working with women: reproductive health and the sexual health. The reproductive state of complete physical, mental and social development in all aspects of the reproductive system and its functions and processes. This implies the right of men and women to obtain information (education) and access to methods of their choosing safe, effective, acceptable and affordable in terms of family planning and other methods of choice for regulation of fertility which are not against the law, and the right of women to have access to health care that promote pregnancy and safe delivery. Sexual health, would be the free development of life and personal relationships, which should also be considered in reproductive health
These rights are structured and practiced by different rights, despite the redundancy, universal people, such as the right to education, freedom of expression and choice, right to life, security, the right to raise a family from the free and full consent of the couples, the right to decent work, non-discrimination for sexual orientation, etc.., they all trigger one of the most important rights, which also affects more directly to women and and girls and makes patents reflecting the close links between development and reproductive and sexual health and equality of men and women: sexual and reproductive rights.