Philip and Carla Provanza Esther arrived in Maputo on March 15 to support the work of Wona Sanana. This is a Mozambican NGO that promotes learning and development of all / as children / as from early childhood through adolescence in school, family and communities. The areas of activity Wona Sanana target preschool education, basic primary education, social and emotional support community-based targeting children / orphaned / as and risk and data collection on the situation of children in families and in the community.

Wona Sonana has marked the following work objectives:

  • Improving the quality of education through the production of teaching materials and teacher training.
  • Raising the level of institutional training schools of ZIPs (pedagogical influence zone) and government officials to carry out training and supervision of teachers
  • Strengthening capacities of the organizations with which he develops his work (NGOs, CBOs and government) to ensure the Rights of the / as children / orphaned / as and especially those / as affected / by HIV / AIDS
  • Strengthen the power of local communities, empowering community development groups, particularly women, youth and children / as for decision-making, planning and projects to the satisfaction of basic needs / children as / as orphans / vulnerable as.
  • Promote the participation of the / as children / as and in particular girls, in their next projects for development

Haurralde has its first contact with this organization through another intern, Liliana Porto in 2010 and has subsequently forged a collaboration agreement in internships and projects.

The interns have joined the team of the organization promoting an exchange of knowledge that benefits both the organization giving them new knowledge and ways of acting, as well as themselves to provide them during their practical expertise that will be of great use in joining the workforce as professionals. Both have conducted internal training to technical staff wonâ Sanana in «Functional diversity and inclusive education.» Participated in meetings of the organization both internally and with other organizations with which wonâ Sanana develops its work in the training of teachers from different schools in the provinces of Maputo, Gaza and Inhambane, as well as tracking and identification of difficulties and problems of teachers in their daily work and parental training by understanding the family as a whole. Are also working in the design and production of materials. And finally participated in the preparation of the National Exhibition of Educational Development in early childhood.

On April 19, the technique of Haurralde in Mozambique, Yolanda Barco visit the organization to track internships, and make improvements in the difficulties that may be emerging for either party. Both the organization and the interns as very positive work being done.

From Wona Sonana meanwhile, see the need for such students in practice, with expertise in specific issues such as working in childhood disability. as it is a problem they see every day and for professionals with limited resources.

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